Rock Star Farm

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert, what more can we say!?

It seems like we’ve known Mr. Roy forever (1970’s or so).  He’s become just a super trusted friend and we feel like he’s a part of our family… especially when it comes to training and working our horses.  We had some behavior issues (specifically bucking and rearing) when we started Games Days at Langley Riders with our 2 American Saddlebreds.

Jag working cows

Jag – 6 years old unbroke with “abuse issues”; he was about 500-600 lbs underweight and had skin problems and you couldn’t do his feet or even pick them up!   It was like handling a 6 year old overgrown foal.  Gilbert tamed him and in the end and he was able to do team penning, Langley Riders Queen’s Mount, Drill Team, parades and roping. Gilbert got him on supplements and his coat was show condition in no time.

Cody penning

Cody – 4 years old and totally full of himself; he had some difficulties with a previous trainer and didn’t care much for people (including us) to handle or ride him without a fight.  So off to Gilbert’s he went and returned with a whole new attitude…  and willing to work again; barrels, team penning, games & trail, the Cody we used to know was back.   Jag (now 20 years old) and Cody (23 years old) are still here with us in Alberta and still placing in the odd barrel race out here.

The Barber twins team penning with Saddlebreds

We now have a total of 8 horses (all different ages and training) babies to barely broke mares, so we have had trouble finding knowledgeable people to help train them under saddle, sooo back to Gilbert we went.

Splash the barrel horse

We sent our barrel mare back to B.C. with Gilbert and then decided it would be easier to fly Gilbert out to use in Alberta the next summer to work with our horses.  Best time was had by all…!  A terrific guy to have around …

Gilbert at Rock Star Farm

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert, what more can we say!!!

Thanks again, Gilbert!

The Barbers Rockstar Farm, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

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