Gilbert is an expert rider and has trained difficult horses to perform successfully, as well as helped experienced riders discover better ways to handle their horses.  However, he has a soft spot for beginners and the patience to help a beginner (young or old) learn “horses” from the ground up.  In the summer of 2011, one of his clients was Linda Jakubec, who had owned horses for several years but still felt uncomfortable around them, especially a spooky little thoroughbred mare with “issues” from her past.

Linda’s story:

I am 61 yrs old with little riding experience, didn’t know how to put on a halter or saddle, and knew nothing about the background of my horse “Sierra”, who shyed and spooked at almost everything.  As green as we both were, off we went to Gilbert Roy.  Sierra went first, and stayed with Gilbert so he could work with her every day, until Gilbert felt it was time to re-introduce her to me.

What really stood out about Gilbert in training sessions with Sierra, was his high regard  for safety, both for horse and rider, and his thoroughness with every little detail from the ground up, so to speak.  Whether it was a session on grooming, putting on tack, or riding technique, he was extremely patient, and allowed us to get comfortable with what we had learned, before moving on to something new.

Because of Gilbert, Sierra and I can now enjoy each other’s company the way horse  and rider should.

Thanks Gilbert!

Linda Jakubec

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